Fare Evasion

Fare Evasion is a Criminal Offence. Transport for London (TFL) and other Network Providers are vigorously pursuing alleged offenders.

Fare evasion is a strict liability offence, meaning it does not matter if an individual intended to evade paying a fare or it was an innocent mistake, the mere fact that you failed to produce a valid ticket when requested for your journey, is sufficient for the network provider to take Court Action against you.

If you are charged and convicted under railway bye laws for failing to provide a valid ticket when requested, you may be charged for fare evasion with intent or under the Fraud Act 2003 and receive a criminal record and a fine, currently up to £1000.

This is now concerning individuals who are employed in a regulated or accredited sector such as finance or law. If you fail a DBS check it will have ramifications on your current and future career.

TfL are pursuing Court Proceedings against alleged offenders for a mere £1.65, which is the equivalent of the cost of a Bus Hopper ticket.

Many Clients are receiving a Single Justice Procedure Notice or a Postal Requisition, which instructs alleged offenders to enter a plea of guilty or not guilty within 21 days of the notice being issued, the next working day after apprehension.

 Fellowes Solicitors LLP are here to help

Our tailored fixed fee package will include:

  • Sending the Rail Providers a letter stating we are representing you and requesting an extension of time to properly represent you.
  • We will assist you fully through the process, with advice or answers to any of your questions.
  • Undertake a comprehensive consultation taking your detailed instructions either in person or Zoom/Teams, with evening and weekend appointments available.
  • Assist you in collating and compiling documents which will assist your case for mitigation.
  • Instruct the Network Provider to contact us, instead of you.
  • Collate and exhibit your extensive mitigation documents and write a letter of final representations on your behalf.